Tickets - Pricelist Setup

The Pricelist is where you enter the rates/pricing for your activity as well as add the tax rate (if applicable).  See the options below for pricing.

Individual Tickets

The setup allows you to set individual pricing for person categories that you customize.  You can create a generic “Persons” category, or get more specific if you have pricing that varies based on age or type such as Adults, Children or Seniors tickets.

Volume Pricing

You can also add Volume Pricing if you want to charge a lower rate for more participants.  Select + Add Volume Price, and enter the number of persons where the price changes.  Then enter the price in the field.

Group Pricing

If you offer Group Pricing, you can set that here, too.  This is different than Volume Pricing as the price is for the entire group, and not per person.  You can add multiple Group Pricing options if the amount changes based on the group size. Enter the number (max) for the group pricing to apply.

Private Groups

You can also add Private Tickets in this setup.  If you want to be able to allow customers to select this as a Private tour for their group, then add the cost in this section.  If a customer books this option, then it will not allow any other persons or groups to book the same date/time.

Tax Rates

If Tax applies to your activity, you can create the tax rate here. In the Tax section, select Add Tax Rate. In the popup box, add the name for the tax, and percentage, then OK.

Assign the Tax Rate to your activity.

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