Tickets - Overview Setup

This article will walk you through the Overview page for Tour/Activity setup. Go to Settings - Tickets - Overview to get started.

Tickets - Overview

The Overview page allows you to:

  • Name the activity
  • Select a Category (optional) - If chosen, the category will further customize how the activity will show on the booking widget.  Customers can choose a Category to only those activities that have been assigned to it on the Overview page.
  • Choose a Color - The color for each activity are added for easier viewing on the Calendar.
  • Set Length - set the length of the activity.
  • Set Availability - set the minimum and the maximum number of persons.
  • Set Options:
    • Public. If checked, the activity will be shown on the booking widget.  Uncheck if you only want the activity to be bookable through the admin system.
    • Private. If checked, the activity will be private, and only one booking/group will be able to book per time slot.
    • Guided.  If checked, the activity has a tour guide.  You can setup Guides in the system, and assign to the activity.
  • Determine cut off time for booking (Online Sales) - set time in advance that you want to stop taking booking prior to tour start time.

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