Setting up Rental Pricing

To set up your pricing for your rentals, go to Settings - Rentals - select Rental - Pricelist.

To create a rate that is less than 24 hours, select +Add Price.  Setup options include:

  • Category - Name of rental time, e.g.: 2 Hour, 4 Hour, 8 Hour, 8 Hour (Holidays).  This name will show to the customers as the selection during checkout.
  • Duration - include the length of this category
  • Amount - price for this length of rental
  • Start Times - Options include:
    • Automatic - system will auto-create start times based on your opening/closing hours.  You can set this up by going to Settings - My Business - Hours.  Example: if Hours are set to 9am - 6pm, then a 2 hour category with an Automatic Start Time setting will be 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm.  The system will not go beyond the closing time.
    • Every Hour - will give the customer to select any hour within your opening/closing hours.
    • Every 30 minutes - will give the customer to select any time on the half-hour within your opening/closing hours
    • Every 15 minutes - will give the customer to select any time on the quarter-hour within your opening/closing hours
    • Other - This selection will allow you to set your own start times.  You can manually input the specific start time you want your customers to choose.
  • Public - if checked this price category will show online to the customer.  If unchecked, this price category will only be an option for booking through the backend of the system.
  • Valid On - select when this price category is valid.  Options include:
    • All Days
    • Weekends
    • Weekdays
    • All Days (excluding holidays)
    • Weekend (excluding holidays)
    • Weekdays (excluding holidays)
    • Holidays
    • Custom - can select which days of the week the price applies to.

To add a Daily or Multi-Day Rate (1+ days), select the + Add Overnight Price or Daily Price. Setup options include:

  • Category: This is what will show to the customer when selecting during checkout.  Examples: Daily, Multi-Day, Overnight
  • Amount: include a daily price
  • Start Times: options include:
    • Automatic - based on opening/closing hours as set up in Hours
    • Every Hour - will give every option on the hour based on opening/closing hours
    • Every 30 Minutes - will give every option on the half-hour based on opening/closing hours
    • Every 15 Minutes - will give every option on the quarter-hour based on opening/closing hours
    • Other - can input custom start times
  • End Times: options include:
    • Same as start
    • Every Hour
    • Every 30 Minutes
    • Every 15 Minutes
    • End of Day - based on the closing hours as set up in Hours
  • Min/Max Days/Nights: enter the minimum and maximum number of days (or nights) for this rate to be valid
  • Public: check if you want this category to show in the online widget, uncheck if you want it to be hidden
  • Valid On: include days that this rate is valid

Cool Feature!  You are able to create pricing categories that are the same length and different prices.  This is a great option is you want to offer a premium rental such as Rental with a Captain.

Sep 18, 2020