Creating and Assigning Resources to your Rentals

For each rental you set up in the system, you will create a Resource for each item you have in inventory for that rental, and then assign the resource(s) to the rental.

Creating Resources

To create a Resource, go to Settings - Resources.

Select Add Resource to create.

You will set up one resource for each unit you have.  Each resource should have a unique name, so it will be easily identified during booking and when viewing on the Resources master calendar.

Important!  If you have multiple units of the same rental, create a Resource for each one.

In addition to the name, you also have the option to add a Tag, Serial and Max person capacity.

Save your entry, and continue to add additional Resouces as needed.

Assigning Resources

Once your have created your resources, the next important step is to assign the resources to your rental(s).

Note: You are able to assign the same resource to multiple rentals.

Go to Settings - Rentals - select Rental to assign.  In the Rental setup pages, select the Resources tab.

Select the Resources from the list to assign to the rental.  You can also add a buffer time between rentals from this page, too.