Creating and Utilizing Promotions

The system allows you to easily create discounts using the Promotions setup.  Promotions are discount codes that can be used multiple times by customers.

To begin, go to Settings - Promotions and Vouchers.  Click Promotions begin setup.

To create a new Promotion, select + Add Discount Code in the upper right.

Setup Fields include:

  • Code - enter a code that customers will enter at checkout.  You will need to advertise this code to your customers on your website or email correspondence.
  • Description - the description is for internal use only.
  • Type - the type of discounts includes:
    • Fixed Amount
    • Percentage
    • Buy One, Get One

Promotion Rules - set the rules/restrictions around using the code.  Options include:

  • Minimum Quantity - enter a minimum number of tickets that need to be purchased for the code to be valid. (optional)
  • Event Days - select days that the code is valid
  • Purchase Dates - enter date range when activity must be booked for code to be valid
  • Event Dates - enter date rate when activity occurs for the code to be valid
  • Advance Purchase - enter time in advance booking must occur for code to be valid
  • Product - enter activity(s) for which the code is valid

Once you've created the code, make sure you advertise the code and rules on your website or email to customers.

You can test the code by making a new booking to ensure it is working as expected.