How to upload a list of Vouchers

If you have a list of Voucher code that you have acquired from your Groupon deal or similiar, you can easily upload them into BookingCentral.  Vouchers are used as a form of payment in the system, and the system will be able to track utilization.

To upload a batch of voucher codes:

Go to Settings - Promotions and Vouchers.

  • Select + Batch Add to get started.

Upload a file, in .txt format, or manually enter the codes.  One code per line.

Manual Add

File Upload

After upload, the system will validate the codes to ensure they haven't been added to the system before.  Review the upload, and select Next to add.

Once the codes are added, then you can enter the rules for the code to be valid.  You have the following options:

  • Batch Name: Give the codes a name to easily identify in the system
  • Value: Enter the Value (dollar amount) of the voucher (Remember - vouchers are considered a payment type).
  • Expiration Date (Optional): if the codes expire, enter the date of expiration.
  • Activity Dates (Optional): if customers must book between certain dates, include the dates here.
  • Product(s): select what products (rental, tour, activity) the codes can be used for.

After setup, Save your changes.  The codes will now display in the Vouchers section.