Creating a Voucher for a Customer

The system allows you to create vouchers.  Vouchers are unique codes that can only be used once by a customer.  Vouchers can be used as an option for canceled trips due to weather, or if the customer cancels and wants to re-book for another date.

To create a new voucher, so to Settings - Promotions and Vouchers.  Click Vouchers to begin.

Select + Add Voucher in the upper right.

Setup fields include:

  • Code - the voucher code will be automatically generated by the system.  Copy the code and give it to the customer for use.
  • Value - enter the amount of the voucher
  • Memo - internal note regarding the reason for the voucher
  • Expires - if applicable enter an expiry date for when the voucher is no longer valid
  • Event Days - enter the day of the week that the event must occur for the code to be valid
  • Product - enter a product(s) that the code can be used for booking.

Test the code to ensure it is working as expected.  Voucher codes are entered in the Payment section of the Order Details page (new booking or existing booking) as they are considered a form of payment for a booking.

Enter Voucher Code in the Payment section:

Save the booking.  You'll see the voucher amount applied to the payment in the Order Summary.

You are able to see and search for Vouchers that have been redeemed in the Vouchers section of the Settings.

Select Edit to see what booking code was used by the voucher: