Integrating your Stripe Account

BookingCentral integrates with the Stripe payment processor.  In order to take payments for your bookings, you will need to set up an account with Stripe.  You can find more details about how to set up a Stripe account here:

Once you get setup and approved for a Stripe account, you can easily integrate the information into your account.  To do so, navigate to Settings - Configuration - Payments.

On this page, you'll add your Stripe information.  In the API Keys section, you'll want to add the Secret Key from your Stripe account.  See how to find the API Keys from Stripe here: Locate API Keys.

Important! In order for Stripe to successfully process payments through our system, there is a setting in your Stripe account you need to enable during set up.  In your Stripe account, so go Settings - Integration, and enable Handle card information directly.  This setting allows BookingCentral to send the credit card information to Stripe to collect the payment.  Rest assured the card information is secure.

Oct 7, 2020