Adding a Waiver link

If you have an online waiver that you need your customers to sign in order to rent from you, then you can add the link to your online waiver to the system.  To do so, go to Settings - Configuration - Waivers.

Waiver Setup

Select +Add Waiverto begin.  On this page, you'll include information about your waiver, add the link to your waiver, and include instructions that your customers will see when selecting the waiver.

Assigning a Waiver
After you've added the waiver to the system, then you will assign the waiver to your rental.  To do so, go to Settings - Rentals - select Rental - Waiver.  Check the waiver from the list (if you have multiple waivers).

Add Waiver to Emails
You are able to add a Waiver button to the confirmation and reminder emails, so guests will be able to sign the waiver before arrival.  To add the waiver to email, go to Settings - Configuration - Emails.

As shown in the Email:

Nov 6, 2020