Email Notifications

The system comes with automatic system notifications including:

  • Booking Confirmation - sent at the time of booking
  • Booking Reminder - sent x days before arrival
  • Customer Message - can send directly to a customer
  • Thank you - can send x days after departure

Email Setup Options include:

  • Add a Logo or image
  • Select to send a copy to you (business email in Account setup)
  • Select to send a copy to another email address (or multiple addresses)
  • Edit the Subject or Message with additional text by simply typing in the fields.
  • Use parameter codes that can pull information from the booking into the email

In addition to the main booking details, you can also enhance the emails with the following information:

  • Waivers: If you have a link to a waiver, you can add it to the system (Settings - Waivers), and then include it in the email.
  • Directions: You can add directions to your location along with a map in the system (Settings - Locations - Directions), and then include it in the email.
  • Terms & Conditions: You can add your terms to the system (Settings - T&C), and then include it in the email
  • Promotions: You can include images to your other products (rentals or tours) in the email, and customers can click to book.