Viewing Activities and Availability

On the Calendar, you can see what tours/activities are offered for each day.  The Calendar can be viewed Monthly or Weekly.

Actions you can take in the Calendar are:

  • Click on any activity by date/time to see details
    • Activities are colored-coded
    • Separated on calendar entry by start time
    • Past dates are shaded
    • Dates/times that have bookings are outlined in black
    • Dates/times without bookings are not outlined

  • Filter for more focused viewing - Options are:
    • Availability: Booked, Available, Unbooked activities
    • Tour/Activity
    • Guide assigned
    • Minimum Seats - enter a number to show all activities that can accommodate the number

When an activity dates/time is clicked from the Calendar, you can view more details about the tour including:

  • Overview.  The Overview tab will show:
    • Tour/Activity Date and Time
    • Location
    • Guests booked and Number Available
    • Name of Guide Assigned to tour (if applicable)

  • Manifest. The Manifest Tab will show:
    • Customers currently booked for the tour
    • Persons booked per reservation
    • Notes on booking include Paid/Unpaid
    • Indicate whether the customer has checked in for the tour/activity